You can quickly and efficiently complete your Polarwood flooring installation with a modern lock connection. Our system provides mechanical fixation of boards without using of glue.

Parquet usually is usually install in the direction of daylight falling into the room. We recommend laying the parquet floors in the longitudinal direction in room of elongated shape. If there is an old wooden floor, new parquet should be laid across the boards of this floor.

Laying of a 3-layer parquet board with a thickness of 14 mm is usually carried out without attachment to the base, as a result of which a so-called “floating” floor is created. This type of parquet flooring can also be laid by gluing to the base.

Before install

Polarwood parquet floors’ sealed packages must always lie in the room where floor is planned to install for at least 24 hours. In this case, the relative humidity in the room should remain in the range from 40 to 60%, and the temperature from 15 to 23 ° C.


Check that the subfloor on which you plan to lay the parquet floor is dry, clean and durable. It should not be covered with any carpeting. Depending on the type and humidity of the subfloor, it is additionally necessary to use moisture barrier.

Expansion gaps

Be sure to check for expansion gaps between the wall and the floor, as well as around pipes and other fixed elements.

READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY before starting the installation work. After opening the first 3 bundles, make sure the appearance and quality of the boards meet your expectations. If any questions arise, please contact the company where you bought the boards to get information on how to proceed. Never open more than 3 bundles in such cases.

Installation instruction (PDF)

5G Installation instruction (PDF)

Warranty (PDF)

Information letter on gluing Polarwood parquet boards to the subfloor (PDF)