Is it possible to install the parquet board on the top of heated floor?

Due to the special production process the parquet board produced by our company can be installed on the top of the heated floor. Before installation works it’s necessary to decide on the installation method: “floating” or gluing down. Both methods have their advantages, but the parquet boards glued to the subfloor transfers heat in the best way. Some wood species such as jatoba, beech and react more intensely to variations in relative air humidity, making it inadvisable to install them on top of heated floor.

What is the size of expansion joint?

Installing the parquet board in the premises of average size you should leave an expansion joint around 10 mm in width between floor and the wall, pipes and around columns. Cover the gap with a skirting or strip. In the large premises the size of expansion joint should be 1,5 mm for every meter of floor’s width.

What materials can be used as underlayment for the parquet board?

Foamed polyethylene, felt with cork granules, waved carboard and other homogeneous materials such as felt made from secondary wastes can be used as underlayment. Our company recommend to use the underlayment Antishum” or waterproof underlayment Tuplex.